Award Winning Deuce Coupe

Hot rodding in America has deep roots, stretching back decades and covering a tremendous array of cars, characters and performance. Since the beginning, the 1932 Ford Coupe has consistently been one of the most popular modification platforms. Also known as the “Deuce Coupe”, its icon status was cemented thanks to mainstream coverage of the car provided by pop culture features like American Graffiti and Little Deuce Coupe that helped it cross over from the hot rod subculture.

At the same time, a wide variety of companies have been established providing virtually anything an enthusiast could need in pursuit of their own hot rod. Revenue and growth of these businesses aside, for the most part the folks running these enterprises are passionate hot rodders first and foremost. So, when the owner of this striking copper-colored Deuce Coupe tapped some of the best-known builders and artisans in the industry to craft his own vision of a ’32 Ford, it’s no surprise that such an amazing example was born.