Wingho Auto Classique

Porsche enthusiasts are well-known for their deep loyalty to the German automaker’s special brand of sports cars that have been setting automotive performance benchmarks for decades. Since the 911 arrived on the scene almost 60 years ago, an entire Porsche universe has developed to support this unique level of vehicular love. These are cars that most any gearhead has an appreciation for and likely, stories to share. Then there is Dr. Clyde Kwok and his son Hugh, of Wingho Auto Classique in Montreal, Quebec.

Anyone reading this has surely fantasized about owning a Porsche, or even wrenching on and restoring one. The Kwok father-and-son team has taken that dream to a whole new level of reality. Clyde, a retired professor of mechanical engineering with a Ph.D. in the field, is known as Doctor to family and friends. A lifelong car enthusiast with a keen eye for design and technical knowledge of engineering and aerodynamics, Clyde fell in love with Porsches early on.

Over the years, his son Hugh estimates they worked on and restored nearly 30 vintage Porsches, with an emphasis on the 356 Speedster. Along the way, Clyde began to step into custom coachwork and one-off prototypes like the wild, wedge-on-wheels Concordia II featured in the 1986 film Black Moon Rising starring Tommy Lee Jones. However, it was Speedster love that kept both father and son’s attention, leading to their first interpretation of a modern-day version.