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1981 Mercedes 380SL

Built on the R107 chassis first used by the 350SL, the 380SL is a refined sporting convertible. V8 powered with a four-speed automatic they are the ultimate road trip convertible.

Toronto, ON

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1981 Mercedes 380SL

10/9/2021 at 02:53 pm

one of the prior bidders just offered $17,000. Edging closer to my reserve bid. Thank you! There are still tomorrow and Monday left for some final bidding. $20.000 Canadian is about $16,000 US or 14.000 Euros for foreign bidders. The low end on the current value scale and in upward market.
Regardless, I have the option to accept the highest bid before Monday night or keep my 380SL should my reserve not be met by 5:30 pm on Monday. Its a smooth ride and does not let you down. The hard top will go on the SL next week and it will disappear in a garage. You decide if it will be yours! Happy Thanksgiving.

The car is valued at $60,000 +++ US$ and the current bid is likely not close to the Reserve Bid! Get serious if you wish to end auction. This site is no BS. Who would give away a beauty under market value and find it 4sale elsewhere a moment later? Bid $61,000 and the car maybe yours. Its an auction not a blow out sale.

1981 Mercedes 380SL

10/5/2021 at 08:50 pm

Great day. The SL drove me in style to the golf course in the morning and home this afternoon. It is a great ride! This evening a friend of a bidder showed up to check out car and test drive the 380 SL. He enjoyed the drive with top down along city streets and cruising on the highway. Awesome, for a car just 40 years old.
It looks like the reserve bid will be blown through in no time. If you want this SL be ready to bid this car is a gem and I see only one on auction right now.

1981 Mercedes 380SL

10/5/2021 at 09:48 am

If somebody would like to book an appointment to see and drive the 380SL this week please book an appointment with 24 hours notice. The car is in City of Toronto, west end. I will accommodate serious buyers, but not do any side deals. Bidding is through SHIFTGATE Automotive Auctions.

1981 Mercedes 380SL

10/4/2021 at 10:05 pm

We are in 2nd gear and true bidding has started for my Mercedes SL. The last bidder edged closer to the reserve bid. Remember it’s canadian $ you pay. The 380SL is a steal and it will take me to my golf game in timeless style.

1981 Mercedes 380SL

10/3/2021 at 09:33 pm

The Won’t-Stop Droptop
Mercedes-Benz SL
Years: 1972 – 89
Price: $17,000 – $76,000

• The ideal vintage car. It feels special, floods you with a sense of freedom, and—if you’re lucky—fires up every time you turn the key. Because let’s be real: A broken-down toy is no toy at all. Keeping that in mind, you can’t do much better than the unbeatable—almost literally—third-generation SL convertible. “They called it the panzer,” says Mike Kunz, manager of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, which restores and resells throwback Benzes, including that signal red 380SL. “The car was made extremely strong. You can drive it like an everyday car.” But, you know, an everyday car with a droptop and the now refreshing Teutonic squareness that once signified class and a connoisseur’s taste in Colombian nose powder. All the SL wants in return is someone pretty in the passenger seat and a coastal highway to cruise along endlessly.—Jon Wilde