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8/18/2022 03:30PM

1991 Lotus Esprit SE – Low mileage original!

Extremely clean, all original Lotus with decades of service records.

Auburn, CA

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Howdy all. Thanks for the bids thus far. I’ve had a couple of questions via private message and figured I might as well post the answers here so everyone has them.

1.) If you’ve seen my rather verbose listing on the Lotus Talk forums that’s been up for several months, you’ll know that the car had a leaky left rear axle seal. I replaced it to resolve the issue and when I ordered the seal (and the Lotus-specific installation tool) from the UK I bought two knowing that eventually the right seal would probably start leaking. Sure enough not long after I did the left seal last year the right seal starting slowly seeping. The seal and tool will be included in the sale. It’s literally a few drips a month so up to the new owner if they just want to drive and enjoy the vehicle for awhile and deal with drips or do it right away. I have a two post lift in my shop so it was a very easy job. Others remove the rear trunk liner to access the roll pin from the top. That’s the ONLY leak of any kind on the car.

2) Air conditioning is still the factory original R12 system. The previous owner had it re-charged prior to sending the car to me and it blew ice cold for 12-18 months, but I’ve noticed it’s not as cold anymore. Our summer here in the NorCal foothills has been brutally hot so it’s all the more noticeable. I’m not an AC expert but am guessing it’s a can or two down. And as this is California I assume the previous owner used one of the available R-12 substitutes out there compatible with this system.

3) There are no other cosmetic issues with the car, either exterior or interior, other than what’s been documented with the front air dam. As can be seen in the photos the dash has zero cracks and looks brand new. Same with the upholstery and carpeting. This thing really is a low mileage time capsule.

4) Car needs nothing else in order to go out and enjoy it on the weekends. I would always recommend to owners of these machines that they follow the recommended Lotus service intervals. That’s precisely why this particular example is in such great condition. The C Service is due at 36k miles which includes the timing belt. Anyone familiar with the Esprit probably knows about the ongoing discussions with these belts. Some argue that the newer blue Gates belts (which this car has) can go 100,000 miles without breaking a sweat. Others are more cautionary and replace them at every C Service. And still others go strictly by the time interval and replace them even if they’ve got only 100 miles on them but the car’s been sitting un-driven for several years (way overkill IMO). This one has about 5,000 miles on it but was done several years ago so I’d planned on doing it at the C-Service at 36k had I decided to keep the car. Depending on how much the new owner drives the car, that service could be in a year or 5 years. Belt should be perfectly fine. It looks beautiful as can be seen in the pictures.

That’s it for now.

Greetings all. I’m the seller of this beautiful machine and just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’ve owned the vehicle for a bit over two years now. It was a high school dream car that I finally had the opportunity to own, but as is always the way life changes and I’ve decided to pass her on to her next custodian while I focus on other vehicles and activities.

The car really is as good as it looks. Both the interior and exterior are pristine (still smells new inside). It’s a jump in and go type of car. Modifications have been very minimal. It does have a cat-delete downpipe, performance muffler, and aftermarket turbo blow off valve so anyone wishing to register it in an emissions state would need to return it to stock. All factory original components, including catalytic converter and intake plumbing are included in the sale in order to do so. I’ve also added a Bluetooth stereo system for hands free calling and media streaming along with new speakers.

Aside from that please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll answer them all to the best of my knowledge and ability. Car comes with a stack of paperwork documenting decades of service along with a copy of the original window sticker and original and brand new Certificate of Provenance kits from Lotus Cars Ltd. It’s been very well cared for. And provided you’re delicate with the right foot a majority of the time the turbo 4-cylinder sips gasoline! 😉