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2003 Audi RS6

Mechanically restored with all major services completed in the last year.

Gatineau, QC

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2003 Audi RS6

9/20/2022 at 10:32 am

carfax report link posted in the ad/in commentary here.

2003 Audi RS6

9/20/2022 at 10:31 am

To interested buyers from the USA, I am located 1 hour from the New York State border crossing of Ogdensburg and can help facilitate getting the vehicle across the border.

2003 Audi RS6

9/20/2022 at 10:28 am

Hello ! Thanks for bidding, I daily drove this vehicle over the summer and did have a check engine light fault pointing to read fault codes in the transmission control module and had only 1 fault present which was
“17125/P0741/001857 – Torque Converter Clutch: Stuck OFF / No Power being transferred – Intermittent”, I did not experience any symptoms/driveability so the fault was cleared, we chose to monitor if the fault would come back or if any abnormal shifting would appear which it hasn’t. As you are aware the torque converter is an issue with these vehicles and may need to be addressed eventually. To note we did have the pan off to fix an oil leak at the pan/perform the service and no debris or abnormal wear was found.

There is no record of turbo replacement, during our initial inspection we did have the lower intercooler hoses off on both sides to inspect for abnormal oil accumulation and they were found to be completely dry. The vehicle does drive well and there are no under-boost faults.

The sunroof did open intermittently due to a defective rotary switch – the switch was replaced and the sunroof now operates as expected.

The cup holder (above the radio) does function as expected, the face plate did unclip off easily and was repaired with adhesive.

The first aid kit is present and appears to be new and never been used, same for the ski bag passthrough/cover (I didn’t take it out as I find them impossible to fold back as Audi did! :))

2003 Audi RS6

9/20/2022 at 09:51 am

Carfax report link can be found here (Report dated this morning 09/20/22):

2003 Audi RS6

9/18/2022 at 03:45 pm

Clean carfax, no accidents to my knowledge, will supply link to carfax report to Shiftgate to post with ad by tomorrow, thanks for asking!

2003 Audi RS6

9/15/2022 at 01:01 pm

Hello everyone, David here seller of this RS6, I will monitor the comments and answer any questions don’t hesitate. Cheers!