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1997 BMW 840ci

5/11/2022 at 10:47 pm

Coupe Dream
Thanks for the questions.
I had not thought about the seats since I set them once and have not moved them. I did double check and found that the drivers seat moves back and forward, tilts back and forward, the front goes up and down. The passenger seat goes back and forward, the back tilts back and forward, the seat does not go up and down.

The air conditioning works great blows cold. To the best of my knowledge all of the climate control system works as it should.

Photos of the under side are hard to get. I reached as far under as I could and got a few. I have submitted them to be posted. Please let me know if you need additional photos.


1997 BMW 840ci

5/6/2022 at 01:24 pm

Welcome to the auction, I appreciate your interest and feed back.

My research on indicates that this car is 1 of 801 total M62 engine coupes brought into the North America market. It is 1 of 239 black cars for the market.

With this in mind I wanted to keep the car stock with a few modifications that I thought would enhance the drive ability. This included upgrading the wheels to 18 inches and replacing the springs and shocks. These changes firmed up the suspension and lowered the car about one inch. Both of these changes can easily be returned to stock.

Since the car is over 20 years old I wanted to be assured that it is mechanically sound. After a thorough inspection all items were addressed, all required parts were BMW OEM. Please see the photos for for the major service records.

Please message any thoughts or questions. I will be watching and will respond to all inquiries.