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12/7/2022 04:00AM

No-reserve : 1993 BMW 316i Touring

Very original BMW wagon with lots of life left to give.

Montreal, QC

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1993 BMW 316i Touring

12/5/2022 at 04:47 pm

@clemers yes i can help with shipping & broker contacts that i have for both US & Canada as needed. thanks!

1993 BMW 316i Touring

11/28/2022 at 02:02 pm

I don’t at this moment but will probably be with the car this weekend and will take a few as best as i can.

1993 BMW 316i Touring

11/28/2022 at 10:30 am

Hello bidders. I personally imported it from Hamburg, Germany in October 2018. Car was sitting for over 10 yrs and found through a friend who lived in Hamburg. The design edition spec combined with a clean chassis sealed the deal to purchase & import. Overall it is in decent condition. The paint needs a good buff and wax as there are surface scratches and swirls. It seems to have been resprayed in different areas so the paint is not original. Mechanically the engine runs well and transmission shifts smoothly. I had brake pads/rotors changed prior to provincial inspection and also the drivers seat recovered as it was mismatched from the rest of the design edition interior. It’s a car with great bones, with some love it would become a lovely example. Also a great candidate for a motor swap as the 1.6L definitely lacks grunt. Feel free to ask any questions and i’m willing to help with any transport or export needs.