What's ShiftGate?

What's ShiftGate?

All the hobby.
None of the snobby.

Lovers of classic cars and trucks have problems searching, finding and selling in an online format that they can trust and feel connected to. ShiftGate is different.

Beyond our passion for collector vehicles, we champion community, inclusiveness, and diversity. Our philosophy? More people, more cars, more memories made. Because everyone deserves a friendly and safe auction environment.

You’ll notice US vehicles are listed in American dollars, and Canadian vehicles in Canadian dollars. This is to make it even easier for you to buy locally and avoid import duties.

A buyer for every seller.

Why not list a car and see for yourself how ShiftGate is unique? No more waiting months to hear if your vehicle has been accepted. No more wondering if the right type of buyer will see your listing. One cruise around our site and you’ll know we’re all about the hobby, without all the snobby.

Detailed, precise listings written by automotive writers with plenty of high-quality photos, ensure your current or future ride is perfectly captured.

Listing in the USA or Canada is easy: simply fill out one of our submission forms below and one of our auction specialists will be in touch.

ShiftGate will make it happen.